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    Florida arrests records are important documents that may contain information about the number of arrests of a specific person. Criminal history information is readily available upon request however some information are kept confidential (sealed information) that can only be given to authorized agencies.The department that handles the records and requests is the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). They also give out other records such as the expunged criminal history and records of juvenile delinquents or the juvenile criminal history. Expunged criminal history is only given to authorized agencies or individuals. For juvenile criminal records they can only be released if the offense can be considered as a felony if the juvenile was of age instead.Many people obtain the records for various purposes. You can get your own record as a personal reference. When applying for a job, a clean record will be a big help in getting hired. You don?t need to be arrested to get a record, a clean slate or certificate or record can be given to boost your chances of obtaining employment. Getting license may also require the records. If you?re planning to get a license to own a concealed weapon, you need to submit said records. Visa and passport application also requires a copy of your record. Companies may also request the information of your criminal record (if any) through background checks. Level one checks will give out your name if you have been arrested or not. An employment history record can also be obtained by companies. Level two checks on the other hand will require fingerprints and they?re used for higher security clearances.You can easily get your own records from the Florida department of law enforcement. Just bring a valid ID and the required fees to request your records. Background checks depend on the type. Level 1 checks will just need your full name and other important details such as height, age etc. Level two background check will require fingerprints to be checked in the database.Getting the records may cost you a bit. A standard check will cost about $24.50. That?s $8 for the state fee and $16.50 for the federal fee. Higher security clearances will cost a bit than the standard check. You may have to shell out $31.50 to get your records. Employment in high risk companies like healthcare have records that cost about $40.50. You may also obtain records at the VECHS or volunteer and employee criminal history and they have the corresponding fees. For employees the cost is $40.50. For volunteers the cost will be $33.50. You may also have your records rechecked or renewed but they will also cost the same amount as if you were just obtaining the records for the first time.Unfortunately, arrests happen every hour so obtaining your record may become useless if the FDLE logged new arrests. To prevent that from happening, you can find online search websites to assist you. You will be given real time access to specific records and pay a corresponding fee when you?re about to get a hard copy of your police arrest records.

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